The one with the LSAT retreat (Part 1).

Hello again! Every time I open WordPress, I’m surprised that people visit my blog (sometimes more than once! Shoutout to you guys!). I’m grateful, and I hope that I can keep putting out content that interests my readers. If you’re reading this, and you’ve been here before, please don’t be scared to reach out! When I first started my blog(Ha I say that like it wasn’t just a month ago), I reached out to Brazen and Brunette to ask for some advice and she gave me great advice. I might not be able to give advice on anything just yet, but I’m open to hear what you’d like to know about me or my experiences!

Okay, on to the serious stuff. My LSAT fellowship has planned a “retreat” for the weekend. It’s basically a sleepover with pizza and probably watching My Cousin Vinny while working with some professionals on our personal statements. That sounds like a lot, yes. I’m not too sure what to expect which makes me quite anxious. I love being able to come home and be alone in my room at the end of a long day, so to have class all day Friday, have a sleepover, and then have class all day Saturday already sounds really draining.

To top it all off, I have a Christening to attend on Sunday morning (I’m the Godmother!), followed by a big lunch with family at my house, so there goes any chance I had at having alone time.

It’s intended for bonding and to really get a chance to start working on our personal statements. I have slight social anxiety, so sharing a space with people I’m not particularly close to or comfortable around is making me very nervous. Also the thought of being vulnerable and talking about the emotional reasons behind wanting to go to law school is easy when you’re typing it out to an unknown face that you’ll never meet or have to talk to, but it’s a whole other ball game when there are professionals in there asking you for your “story.”

I have a tendency for panic attacks when any combination of lack of sleep + uncomfortable & forced social interactions + hunger + lack of personal space are combined, so I’m hoping and praying I can hold myself together for this retreat.

Will post part 2 once I survive it!

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