The one with the 3L.

Hello again! So last Friday, the speaker that came to visit us is a 3L from Yale that graduated from my university and attended the same fellowship program. (If this is your first time reading my posts, then my fellowship is a 2 month long LSAT prep course that brings in public interest lawyers and law students to talk to us about their experience every Saturday.)

It was nice to hear from someone that’s still a law student because many practicing attorneys don’t remember a lot of their law school experience. She was very honest and told us that she hates law school, that she feels like an outcast because she is a child of undocumented immigrants and came from a city university, and how she finds things she likes to do in law school. She’s dedicated to public interest, which is awesome, but also addresses the fact that there’s just not enough money in public interest law. This causes some of the greatest minds to work for big law firms because the reality is, people have bills to pay and lives to take care of.

Of everything she said, I appreciated her honesty and her shared experience. We all know that many people that attend law school come from families with lawyers, so hearing from someone that didn’t have any lawyers in their family was refreshing. Her best advice was to accept the role of the outsider and play on your strengths. It’s too exhausting and not worth your time to try to fit in with groups that grew up in an environment where lawyers were readily available to them.

There are plenty of people that hate their law school experience and love practicing as lawyers. I can only hope and pray that I will love both.


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