The one with the Public Defender.

Hey all! It’s been a super long week of LSAT Prep, but one of the cool perks of the fellowship I’m in is that they bring public service attorneys in on Saturdays after class to talk to us about their experiences.

This week we had a Supervising Attorney from the Bronx Defenders and it was interesting to hear his experiences. He talked about his work in immigration, housing, police brutality, “qualified immunity” and how it affects his line of work, how police presence in certain neighborhoods determines which communities are most affected by certain policies. He also acknowledged his privilege and how his working experiences changed his perception or understanding of how people live.

It’s great having access to these conversations. We’re told to prepare at least 3 questions before each speaker comes so that the conversation never dies out, but so far the two speakers have been incredible at sharing their experiences and our questions end up developing more organically. It’s also great having access to these conversations because none of us have lawyers in our families and we don’t know what that environment is like. It’s awesome to see people who are passionate about their jobs, passionate about helping people, and passionate about changing our current system, even if just incrementally.

It’s also just really cool to be able to nerd out about the academics behind law. We talked about the law, past cases, and past sociology and psychology studies that have been used in cases. Meeting people that are genuine in and passionate about their work is so satisfying and breaks down the idea that lawyers are lying manipulators.

I’m sure there’s definitely some manipulating (of words at the very least) to get your point across, but lawyers and judges are responsible for so much of what we experience today. From who gets to become a US citizen to whether or not a baker has to bake for a gay couple, the judicial system has effects on our society socially and economically.

If anyone is out there reading any of this, thank you!  I love nerding out and listening to other peoples’ experiences, so please reach out if you have any stories/questions/concerns/suggestions. I’m really new at this and I appreciate any and all interaction(I’d never say that in person, but for this blog I mean it).


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